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ATV ride through mud

Preparing For a Good Experience on ATVs

Sport ATVing continues to grow in popularity due to its speed, agility, and ability to conquer all types of terrain. Those zippy machines are fun and functional and draw all types of outdoor enthusiasts and riders of all ages and ability levels. For many of us, nothing else can match the adrenaline rush that ATVing offers. As such, it’s worthwhile preparing for a good experience on ATVs.

And Aravada Springs continues to be a haven for ATVing with hundreds of miles of ATV trails to explore.

6 Ways to Prepare for a Safe ATVing Experience

As exciting and fun as riding an ATV is, there are steps you should take to promote safety and still enjoy this recreational activity. For example, you’ll want to make sure your ATV vehicle is in good working order so nothing dangerous happens.

Here is a practical and easy-to-follow checklist that will help to ensure your next ATV experience will be optimally safe and enjoyable.

1) Bring an Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

Even if you’re planning to do some ATVing for a short time, it’s essential to pack an emergency kit. This kit should include extra water and food, first-aid supplies, a map, and warmer clothing in case the weather changes suddenly.

Don’t forget the tools for your ATV in your emergency kit. Examples may include a spare tire and bungee cords.

2) Cell Phone Coverage

Be aware that cell phone coverage in both Gold Butte and Grand Canyon Parashant National Monuments is scant. Other than using Wi-Fi access at Aravada Springs, there are very few places you can get mobile phone reception. As such, we urge use of other forms of communications.

GPS tracking devices like SPOT Satellite Messenger, which uses the Globalstar satellite network, provides you the ability to send text messages to a list of family, friends and colleagues to let you know you are OK. If something unexpected happens it sends your GPS location to emergency responders all with the push of a button.

When you travel in a group, which we highly recommend, there are also options to communicate with each other. For example, consider using helmet senders / receivers to talk to each other in your group.

3) Wear Proper Gear

In addition to riding with pants and a long-sleeved shirt, you should also be armed with safety gear that is ATV-designated. Among this type of gear are over-the-ankle boots, a helmet – certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or the Snell Memorial Foundation, goggles, and gloves.

This gear is designed to protect you from flying debris and rocks, and it could even save your life if your ATV crashes.

4) Pre-Plan Your Rides

Pre-planning your rides can heighten your experience and scenic enjoyment. Yet, you may NOT want to rely totally on Google Maps in planning your routes.

WARNING - Avoid Google Map Route!

WARNING – Avoid Google Map Route!

For example, when you opt for directions and punch in Mesquite, Nevada as your start location and Aravada Springs as the destination it plots this cool looking map with two routes—the one highlighted in blue being the recommended route. WARNING! DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE using a car or truck. This is a rough ride, even on an ATV.

5) Inspect Your ATV Before Riding

Inspecting your ATV prior to riding could save your life.

Here are some important things to check for:

  • Tires — Adhere to the tire manufacturer’s recommendation for air pressure Also, check signs of wear and tear.
  • Handlebars — Move the handlebars from side to side to ensure there are no problems with steering or mobility.
  • Fuel and other fluids — Check to make sure that the gas, coolant, oil, and brake fluids are full.
  • Brakes — Be sure the controls operate smoothly and are adjusted – engagement point and position of controls — according to the owner’s manual.

For additional tips, view this pre-ride inspection list by the ATV Safety Institute.

6) Get ATV Insurance Coverage

It is critical that you have the appropriate ATV insurance if you own an ATV or utility terrain vehicle (UTV). Insurance will protect you – and provide cost savings – in the event of an accident or injury. It could also be required by law in your state.

Aravada Springs – Your ATV Base Camp

Aravada Springs gives you a base camp to explore more than 1,000 miles of ATV-friendly trails that wind through the rugged, unparalleled beauty of the Gold Butte and Grand Canyon Parashant National Monuments.

Here are a few ATV-friendly trails for you to explore right here in Aravada Springs.

Whitney Pockets

Whitney Pockets is named after G. Luke Whitney and G. Fenton Whitney. They purchased the Whitney/Nay Ranch in about 1910. They built two little catch dams in the rocks to hold water and it was used to provide water to their livestock and horses as they traveled to and from St. Thomas, NV.

Ice Cave

This is not a true cave. It is a slot canyon that G. Luke Whitney and Family went to for their 4th of July picnic because it was much cooler there than the surrounding area. If you look at the top of the slot, you will often see an owl that lives there.

Little Finland

Not to be confused with the country of Finland, Little Finland is the unofficial name because of the rock formations that look like fins of fish and aquatic life. The official name is Hobgoblin’s Playground. These stunning complex and intricate forms cover an area 2,000 feet by 400 feet. You can find it about 18 miles west of Aravada Springs.

Gold Butte

There’s not much left at the Gold Butte town site, besides some old mining equipment, a few caged mines, and the graves of Arthur Coleman and William (Bill) Garrett. Coleman and Garrett were the last two residents of the old mining town of Gold Butte. Bill was the nephew of Pat Garrett, the man who shot and killed Billy the Kid (supposedly).

On-Site Amenities

Guests can conveniently restock on supplies from our sundries store. Enjoy clean showers after a day’s riding and electricity to recharge devices.

Come unwind in our fresh-water swimming pool fed by natural springs and relax among its lush green shade trees.

Call us at 801-431-4950 now, or reserve here to book a vacation with us today!



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