THINGS TO DOSites to See Near Aravada

SITESSites to See Near Aravada

We’ve GPS mapped some of the amazing sites you can visit from the ranch. We used Gaia (which is a $15 app), but if you visit Gaia links to the right of the pictures you can download the GPS files and use them with any GPS app of your liking.


The petroglyphs at God’s Paintshop are a very interesting sight near the ranch. Walk around some awesome rock formations with scattered petroglyphs all around. Some of the better ones are up high, so don’t be afraid to climb the rocks.


The Ice Caves get their name from the cool relief they offer from the summer sun. While not really being a cave, is it a great formation you can walk into and cool off. If you are lucky then you may see one of the owls that call it home.


You will pass the Whitney Pockets on your way into the Aravada Springs. If you don’t have time on your way to stop and check it out, then be sure to stop by later on. It is an amazing rock formation and way-back-when it was used to water horses on their way through the region.


Devil’s Throat is a sinkhole in the middle of the desert and it earns its name. This eerie attraction is massive hole in the ground in the middle of no where.


Little Finland, also known as Devil’s Fire or Hobgoblin’s Playground, is located within the Gold Butte National Monument. It is considered part of the Mojave Desert and is situated near the north end of Lake Mead, only a short drive from Aravada Springs campground. There are few places like this on earth that inspire the soul like the fiery landscapes of Little Finland. So load up the gang and head over for a late afternoon or evening sight seeing experience you’ll not soon forget. It’s gorgeous.