There’s not much left at the Gold Butte town site, besides some old mining equipment, a few caged mines, and the graves of Arthur Coleman and William (Bill) Garrett. Coleman and Garrett were the last two residents of the old mining town of Gold Butte. Bill was the nephew of Pat Garrett, the man who shot and killed Billy the Kid (supposedly).

In its hey-day, the town of Gold Butte had 2,000 residents, consisting of a brothel, post office and saloon. This area was being used for prospecting, mining and ranching, before being abandoned when the copper, silver and gold deposits started to dry up. By 1911, the town was pretty much deserted. The buildings were dismantled and rebuilt at nearby St. Thomas. Today, all that’s left are some old mines, mining equipment, and the graves of the last two residents.

Directions from Aravada Springs

The town of Gold Butte is 31.7 miles, or 2 hours and 22 minutes from Aravada Springs. To get there, you head northwest on Pakoon Springs Rd toward Whitney Pass Rd for 0.4 miles. Continue onto Whitney Pass Rd for 5.1 miles. Then take a sharp left onto Gold Butte Rd for 15.4 miles. Continue onto New Gold Butte Rd for another 4.3 miles. Then continue straight to stay on New Gold Butte Rd for 472 feet. Continue straight for 0.4 miles, then turn left onto Gold Butte Townsite Rd in 233 feet. Then turn right in 102 feet.

GPS Location 36°16'48.81"N 114°12' 2.42"W

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