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Lime Kiln Canyon Rough Road

Travel Warning

Warning on Google Maps

WARNING - Avoid Google Map Route!

WARNING – Avoid Google Map Route!

Today’s satellite map technology is great, except for the times it’s not. Take Google Maps for example. When you opt for directions and punch in Mesquite, Nevada as your start location and Aravada Springs as the destination, it plots this cool looking map with two routes—the one highlighted in blue being the recommended route. WARNING! DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE using a car or truck.

DANGER Will Robinson

DANGER Will Robinson

It reminds me of the high-tech robot from Lost In Space saying, “DANGER – Will Robinson!”

The artificial intelligence in this estimation is flawed. Notice Google is attempting to plot the shortest route based on several criteria. But realize, the ruggedness of the road is not calculated in this guide. It doesn’t factor in the need for high-clearance 4×4 vehicles or side-by-side ATVs or UTVs. This is a requirement if you take this route.

Lime Kiln Canyon Rough Road

Lime Kiln Canyon Rough Road

It’s interesting when viewing the video footage in this blog, in a clip near the end where a passing ATV is loaded up with extra fuel containers. These guys are serious about being prepared in this wilderness.

If you want an enjoyable, more calm travel experience getting to Aravada Springs ranch, then by all means AVOID TAKING THIS ROUTE!

Please use the safer route from Mesquite, Nevada which only takes an hour and 13 minutes (or 41.1 miles), compared to the hour and 27 minute (28.9 miles) more DANGEROUS route via Lime Kiln Canyon way.

On the Other Hand – A No-Nonsense Thrill Awaits

For the thrill-seeker, the scent of cedar as you wind your way through these back roads lingers on. Remember, there is strength in numbers, so be prepared for lots of fun with a group when you travel to Aravada Springs this way. Like magic your view of amazing vistas and buttes thrill the senses.

You can anticipate a unique experience with your next ATV / UTV outing by planning ahead. Pack and map out accordingly.

For a Tamer Travel Experience


When planning your route this safer way to Aravada Springs, you’re able to stop and smell the flowers alongside the road. Discover the unique picturesque landscape as you pass Whitney Pockets and up over Whitney Pass.

Gather together friends and join up at Aravada Springs to amazing ATV rides to cool places like the Ice Cave, Garden of Eden Slot Canyon and Pakoon Springs.

Aravada Springs welcomes you! Come appreciate the grandeur of this desert oasis. Explore the outdoors. We have so much to offer in making your stay the most memorable you can imagine.

Call us at 801-431-4950 now, or reserve here to book a vacation with us today!


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