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Adventure Rentals Teams Up With Aravada Springs

Exciting News!

Aravada Springs is teaming up with Adventure Rentals of Mesquite to bring you a lively new addition to the campground: an ATV rental outlet. Pretty soon, you can rent ATVs at Aravada Springs campground through Adventure Rental on location, or you can rent from their store in scenic Arizona and ride to Aravada Springs. (See the Aravada Loop video below.)

It’s curious why there is such a draw for ATVing out in this terrain.

One of the primary reasons why people enjoy side-by-side ATVs is the chance they provide for socializing and embarking on rugged road adventures. ATVs have become increasingly popular. These versatile vehicles offer a unique blend of getting together with family and friends, safety, and adrenaline-inducing fun that make them the preferred choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Safety is another crucial factor that attracts people to side-by-side ATVs. Unlike traditional ATVs, which often serve only a single rider, side-by-side models come equipped with safety features like roll cages and seat belts. These offer enhanced protection in case of an accident or rollover, giving riders peace of mind while navigating challenging terrains. The added stability and safety features of side-by-side ATVs make them an appealing option for families with children, ensuring everyone can enjoy the adventure while minimizing risks.

The shared adventure experienced while riding side-by-side ATVs is highly enjoyable. Navigating through rocky terrains, conquering steep inclines, and splashing through some muddy trails create a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment among the riders. Whether it’s the excitement of conquering a particularly difficult obstacle or the joy of seeing stunning vistas together, these shared experiences forge strong bonds and create memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Side-by-side ATVs on dirt road toward Aravada Springs Staycation site

Side-by-side ATVs on dirt road toward Aravada Springs

When you use Aravada Springs as a base camp, there’s something undeniably exhilarating about venturing out on trails to local attractions like Whitney Pockets, Devil’s Throat, Red Bluff Spring, and Seven Keyholes. There’s also many other loops and locations to see in this desert such as the Lime Kiln Canyon Climbers camp and Little Finland. Check out our ATV Trails Access page for more exploration ideas.

Of course, it’s impossible to ignore the thrill and adrenaline rush associated with rough road riding. The combination of speed, power, and the natural obstacles encountered along the way create an invigorating experience for riders. The twists and turns, the bumps and jumps, all add to the excitement and make each ride a unique adventure. For those seeking an adrenaline-pumping escape from their daily routines, side-by-side ATVs offer an ideal outlet for their adventurous spirit.

Side-by-side ATVs have become the vehicle of choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking shared adventures and lasting memories. So, gather your friends and family, buckle up, and get ready to explore the unique locations surrounding Aravada Springs. The thrill of the ride awaits!

Book a Stay at Aravada Springs

At Aravada Springs, shower off the dust at your home away from home. Stay in our convenient cabins and tents. Stretch out on a real mattress at the end of a fun-filled day.

Floating on tubes in pond at your Aravada Springs staycation site

Floating on tubes in pond at Aravada Springs

Come cool off in our pond. Nothing calms like relaxing among green shade trees around the pond after an ATV riding adventure. Float on a tube and pick delicious blackberries. What tranquil memory building awaits as you gather with friends and family in this peaceful setting.

Book a vacation today at Aravada Springs. We look forward to seeing you!



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