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Whitney Pockets at First Dam Looking West

What Four Things You Should Know About Whitney Pockets When Staying at Aravada Springs

Features of this location

Whitney Pockets contains natural pockets that catch and hold water in a little canyon, creviced in a rolling mass of white, tan, and pink sandstone mountains.

This unique geological formation offers visitors the chance to explore a landscape sculpted by nature over the course of thousands of years. When visiting Whitney Pockets – located in the Nevada Gold Butte National Monument – there are four things that make this a worthwhile vacation.

First – Fun Hiking 

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus in Bloom at Whitney Pockets

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus in Bloom at Whitney Pockets

No matter the direction you choose to hike, you will find the vast desert beauty of Whitney Pockets something to admire. This desert area is dotted with historical evidence of past human activities from petroglyphs to old ghost town and mining operations to dams that were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

The views here are stunning and you’re sure to have a good time hiking up the many rock hills and discovering incredible formations or arches.

Second – Stunning Photography

At Whitney Pockets on First Dam Looking South

At Whitney Pockets on First Dam Looking South

If you’re on a quest to capture incredible photography, then come to Whitney Pockets. You will no doubt get some unique photos here. There are very few places on earth that can offer the caliber of colorful photos that Whitney Pockets can. For example, you’ll find brightly colored sandstone surrounded by Joshua Trees with jagged mountainous backdrops. Bring your camera and prepare to be in awe of the stunning vistas at Whitney Pockets.

Third – Climb up to the Historical First Dam

Whitney Pockets Dams Constructed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

Whitney Pockets Dams Constructed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

The climb is not for the faint of heart. You carefully creep up the ascent to the first dam to take in a spectacular sight to the west and to the south. It’s an amazing view and worth the effort.

G. Fenton and his father G. Luke Whitney put cement dams in to enlarge pockets in order to collect and hold rainwater–a source of water for all travelers who crossed the desert in this area. During the 1930s, the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) built a higher dam but it was never watertight.

Across the road from Whitney Pockets

Across the road from Whitney Pockets

Across the road to the south from the pockets is a natural campsite with caves in flaming sandstone within the hills shielding desert travelers from wind and weather.

In G. Fenton Whitney’s history he recalls camping there six weeks at a time herding cattle in the lush tall green filleree grass. He says the vegetation was so succulent then, for the weather was wet in those years; not as dry as it is now.

 Fourth – Rock Scrambling

What better way of enjoying the Whitney Pockets than rock climbing. You can take advantage of the beautiful sandstone and put your climbing skills to the test amidst this gorgeous scenery. Be prepared for rugged terrain as you negotiate these formidable rocks. You’ll definitely enjoy the thrill factor with this level of rock climbing!

Whitney Pockets Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

You’re bound to remember your visit to Whitney Pockets for many years to come, with the nearby Gold Butte National Monument, the exciting hiking trails, the opportunities for stunning photography, and the exploration of the sacred petroglyph sites a few miles from Whitney Pockets.

Whether you’re interested in hiking through narrow canyons, exploring ancient rock carvings, or simply enjoying the scenery, there is something for everyone in this desert oasis in Nevada.

Come book a stay at Aravada Springs and make it a fun family experience. 

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