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Matt from Matts Off-road Recovery

Be Warned: Don’t Rely on Google Maps

Join us on an exciting adventure as a crew from Matts Off-Road Recovery set out to rescue a stranded minivan in the wilderness. From fueling up in Littlefield, Nevada, to navigating challenging terrains, this expedition is full of thrill and surprises. Let’s dive into their daring mission!

Fueling Up and Setting the Course

After receiving a call for help, the team prepares to rescue a minivan in a remote location in the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. They fill up in Littlefield, Nevada, and get ready for their new mission.

Navigating the Unknown

The minivan is stuck in a remote area, and finding it won’t be easy. Armed with a map and determination, they begin their journey, unsure of the right path. The landscape is rugged and offers few signs, making the adventure even more challenging.

Overcoming Challenges

As the crew progresses, the terrain gets tougher. They face tall rocks and narrow trails, testing their skills and vehicles. They run across a difficult spot where it’s possible the minivan’s oil pan may have been punctured by a tall rock in the road. With expert guidance, they navigate through this challenging section.

The Perils of Google Maps

WARNING - Avoid Google Map Route!

WARNING – Avoid Google Map Route!

To their surprise, Google Maps leads them astray with a last-minute route change. They follow an unsuitable four-wheel drive trail, hoping to find the correct path. They continue cautiously, wary of damaging their vehicles.

Testing the Welds and Meeting the Contact

The crew’s vehicle welds are put to the test as they tackle demanding sections. They navigate carefully, uncertain if the repairs will hold up. Finally, they arrive at the designated meeting spot to obtain the keys for the stranded minivan.

A Glimpse of the Surroundings

While waiting, the crew admires the beautiful surroundings. They see options like a full-service campground, cabins, teepees, and tents for visitors to enjoy. A lovely pond adds to the natural charm of the area.

Our crew from Matts Off-road Recovery demonstrate skill and determination as they successfully rescue the stranded minivan. Overcoming challenges posed by rough terrains, incorrect directions, and uncertain meetings, they show the spirit of adventure and teamwork. This thrilling rescue mission highlights the rewards of pushing boundaries and embarking on daring expeditions.

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