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Aravada Springs: Your Go-To Venue for Church Groups Camping Experiences and More

Nestled in the heart of scenic landscapes in Southern Nevada, Aravada Springs emerges as an idyllic destination for church groups, especially those from the Latter-day Saints community, seeking a blend of spiritual enrichment and outdoor adventure. With its serene environment and abundant facilities, Aravada Springs offers a unique camping experience that aligns well with the values and community spirit of Church groups.

A Setting that Inspires

Aravada Springs campground is set against a picturesque backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. The area features crystal-clear waters, expansive skies, and an array of wildlife, making it a perfect setting for reflection and connection with nature. The tranquility of the surroundings provides a peaceful setting for prayer sessions, meditations, and spiritual discussions, which are core to the Church’s camping retreats.

Tailored Activities for Spiritual and Physical Growth

The campground offers a range of activities designed to satisfy both spiritual and physical development. Mornings at Aravada Springs can begin with scripture studies or group prayers by the pond, setting a reverent tone for the day. Activities like hiking, canoeing, and bird watching allow participants to appreciate the wonders of creation, fostering a deeper sense of community and spiritual connection.


For youth groups, the camp provides structured activities that include team-building exercises and leadership training sessions. These activities are crafted to align with the values of the Church, emphasizing virtues such as teamwork, integrity, and perseverance.

Kitchen at Aravada Springs

Accommodations and Amenities

Understanding the needs of church groups, Aravada Springs is equipped with facilities that ensure comfort while maintaining a sense of rustic adventure. Accommodations range from tent sites to more comfortable lodges, depending on the preferences and budget of the group. Each lodging option is designed to offer privacy and space for personal and group activities. At Aravada Springs we offer a well-equipped commercial kitchen, with a fridge and freezer unit so you can store all your wonderful meals for the camping experience. 


For Church groups looking for a venue that supports both spiritual growth and a love for the outdoors, Aravada Springs Campground stands out as a top choice. With its natural beauty, tailored activities, and accommodating facilities, it promises a memorable camping experience that enriches faith and fortifies community bonds. Whether for a weekend retreat or a longer stay, Aravada Springs welcomes all who seek a serene and spirited getaway.


The only full-service campground within St George, Mesquite, & Las Vegas that covers Gold Butte and Grand Canyon Parashant National Monuments, located near Mesquite, NV. With access to ATV Trails and hosting church group camping events, this is an ideal spot. Reserve your group retreat and call 801-431-4950