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27 November, 2023

Disc Golf: Fun Outdoor Activity at Aravada Springs

Aravada Springs campground, surrounded by Gold Butte and Grand Canyon Parashant
National Monument is a great place for those wanting a break
from everyday life. Recently, it’s become known as a cool sport
that mixes strategy, precision, and a strong sense of community: disc golf.

Blending Strategy and Precision

Disc golf, once called frisbee golf, is a favorite pastime at Aravada
Springs for a few reasons. First, it’s like traditional golf, where
players try to finish a 9-hole course using the fewest throws. It
needs skill, accuracy, and planning, as each throw goes through obstacles and different
Disc golf is more than just a physical game; it’s also a mental challenge. Players strategically
figure out the best way to throw their discs, blending outdoor excitement with strategic thinking.
Accessible for Everyone
What makes disc golf so great is that anyone can play. You just need a disc—usually made of
strong plastic—and a love for being outside. Unlike some sports that need special skills or a lot
of equipment, disc golf is easy to get into. This makes it welcoming for both beginners and
experienced players, creating a friendly atmosphere at Aravada Springs campground.
As a group and family-friendly activity, disc golf becomes a way for families to bond, share
laughs, and create memories. The simplicity of the game lets people of all ages join in, proving
that outdoor fun is for everyone.

Building a Community Spirit

Beyond just competing, disc golf at Aravada Springs is about creating a sense of friendship and
community. Players connect over shared rounds, swapping tips, laughs, and unique
experiences. It turns the disc golf course into a lively space where people from different
backgrounds meet, all brought together by their love for the game and the outdoors.
As a worldwide activity, disc golf has become really popular. As of April 26, 2023, around
107,853 people from nearly 40 countries are part of the Professional Disc Golf Association
(PDGA). This rising popularity shows that disc golf appeals to people everywhere and brings
them together, no matter where they’re from.

A Day of Outdoor Fun at Aravada Springs

At Aravada Springs campground, guests don’t just watch disc golf; they get to play. The
campground offers cabin, tent, and tepee rentals and invites everyone to join in through
affordable day passes. For $25, families can have a whole day of outdoor fun, and couples can
enjoy it for just $10.
Aravada Springs has more to offer than just disc golf. Guests can also swim or float in the
campground’s pond. These activities create a complete experience, blending nature, fun, and a
chance to connect with others.

The Universal Appeal of Disc Golf

The charm of disc golf lies not only in its casual yet competitive nature but also in its ability to
attract all kinds of players. Whether you’re new to the game or a pro, Aravada Springs’ disc golf
course offers a friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone.
So, come and enjoy the beauty of the desert oasis and the excitement of disc golf at Aravada
Springs campground—a place where strategy meets the great outdoors, and community
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