1000+ Miles of ATV-friendly trails

Aravada Springs gives you a base camp to explore the more than 1000 miles of ATV-friendly trails that wind through the rugged, unparalleled beauty of the Gold Butte and Grand Canyon Parashant National Monuments.

ATV Trails

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the heart of Aravada's natural wonders by exploring our extensive network of ATV trails. Our trails page is your gateway to an adrenaline-packed journey, where the rugged beauty of the landscape meets the excitement of off-road exploration. Navigate through dense forests, traverse rocky terrains, and discover hidden gems that can only be accessed on an ATV. Whether you're an experienced rider seeking a challenge or a novice looking for an exhilarating introduction to off-roading, our ATV trails cater to all levels of expertise. The trails are meticulously curated to showcase the diverse ecosystems and breathtaking scenery that Aravada has to offer. Gear up for an unforgettable ride and access detailed information on trail maps, difficulty levels, and safety guidelines on our ATV Trails Access page. It's time to rev up your engine and immerse yourself in the unparalleled adventure that awaits on the Aravada trails. Visit our ATV Trails Access page to plan your off-road escapade and experience the thrill of exploration like never before.

Garden of Eden
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On Site Amenities

Guests can conveniently restock on supplies from our sundries store. Enjoy clean showers after a day's riding and electricity to recharge your devices.

Come unwind in our fresh water swimming pond fed by nine natural springs and relax among its lush green shade trees.

Download & Use GAIA Maps

Navigating the exhilarating ATV trails at Aravada has never been easier with the integration of GAIA maps into our trail system. As a guest, you can seamlessly harness the power of GAIA's advanced mapping technology to enhance your off-road adventure. The GAIA maps, accessible through our ATV Basecamp, provide detailed and interactive trail maps that guide you through the diverse terrains of Aravada's wilderness. Customize your route based on your skill level and preferences, and enjoy real-time location tracking to ensure you stay on the right path. GAIA maps also offer valuable information about points of interest, elevation changes, and trail difficulty levels, empowering you to make informed decisions as you explore. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking a challenging route or a beginner looking for a scenic trail, GAIA maps make navigation intuitive, ensuring that every guest can make the most of their ATV experience at Aravada. Immerse yourself in the adventure, confident that GAIA maps have you covered every step of the way.


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Come stay in one of our authentic Gold Butte petroglyph inspired Tipis (or Tepees), or Miners' tents. You can also select the Bunk House, or one of our Deluxe Cabins.

Deluxe Cabins

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Experience comfort and style in our deluxe cabins at Aravada Springs Campground. These cozy retreats offer modern amenities, scenic views, and a memorable nature-infused stay.

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Discover the simplicity of our basic cabins at Aravada Springs Campground. Enjoy a rustic escape with essential comforts, immersed in the beauty of nature.

Petroglyph-Themed Tipis

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Immerse yourself in the ancient artistry of Petroglyph-Themed Tipis and experience unique accommodations with a connection to history and the great outdoors.