The Tassi Spring Loop is a 61.3-mile desert adventure that takes you through stunning landscapes in the Pakoon Basin of the Mojave Desert. Starting at Pakoon Springs, known for its natural beauty and historical significance, the journey showcases how ranchers adapt to the harsh desert environment at Tassi Spring. Along the way, you'll encounter geological wonders like Devil's Throat and Whitney Pockets, as well as a poignant reminder of the region's history at Miner's Grave. This ride offers a fascinating blend of nature, history, and stunning sights, making it an incredible adventure for anyone looking to explore the beauty and resilience of the desert.

We’ve GPS mapped some of the amazing sites you can visit from the ranch. We used Gaia (which is a $15 app), but if you visit Gaia links to the right of the pictures you can download the GPS files and use them with any GPS app of your liking.