Miner's Grave

During the early 1900s, there was a gold rush that attracted many prospectors to the deserts of Nevada and Arizona. They hoped to find gold and become wealthy. Life for these prospectors was tough. They lived in simple structures like tents and shacks and faced harsh desert conditions. They worked hard to find gold, but when not searching, they took odd jobs to survive.

Prospectors often left their families and friends behind, spending long periods alone in the vast desert. The loneliness affected their mental well-being. One person, George Fenton Whitney, tried to help these miners while living at Aravada Springs ranch in 1914.

Some prospectors faced tragic incidents. One old prospector accidentally shot himself, and another died after falling down a steep slope while unwell. Their lives were not easy.
Today, we can remember their stories and the sacrifices they made in search of gold. Visiting historical sites like Aravada Springs helps us connect with our past and appreciate the challenges these brave prospectors faced in the harsh desert environment.

Directions from Aravada Springs

The Miner’s Grave is 2.35 miles, or 10 minutes from Aravada Springs. To get there, you head northwest on Pakoon Springs Rd toward Whitney Pass Rd which is 0.4 miles. Then continue onto Whitney Pass Rd and go 1.7 miles. Turn right onto Cabin Springs Rd and go 0.2 miles.

GPS location N 36°32.30383' W 114°4.88100'

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