Falling Man

This site is known for its interesting petroglyph depicting a "falling man" on a cliff above a small valley. Additionally, there are a dozen large panels of extensive petroglyphs and numerous smaller panels, along with some occasional pictographs.

To reach the site from Aravada Springs see the directions below. Otherwise you can travel west on Nevada 170, then turn left onto Gold Butte Rd and further onto the unmarked Black Butte Road. The trailhead is about 1.9 miles down Black Butte Road and can be accessible by most vehicles with moderate ground clearance.

The hiking trail starts amidst colorful sandstone formations and beautiful Joshua trees. The site contains various petroglyphs and panels, with one large monolith called "Calvin's Rock" covered in petroglyphs. There's a loop that offers different routes to explore the site, including a tunnel leading to the Falling Man petroglyph, where the figure appears to be holding a bright ball. The loop continues to other areas with impressive panels, including one with a rainbow and other interesting depictions.

The rock art at the Falling Man Site is extensive. More detailed analysis could be done by experts. This site is considered one of the most accessible and significant in the Gold Butte National Monument. We encourage taking a hike here.

Directions from Aravada Springs

Falling Man petroglyphs is 8.9 miles, or 29 minutes from Aravada Springs. To get there, you head northwest on Pakoon Springs Rd toward Whitney Pass Rd for 0.4 miles. Continue onto Whitney Pass Rd for 5.1 miles. Continue straight onto Gold Butte Rd and go 1.4 miles. Then turn left onto Black Butte Rd and go 1.2 miles. Then turn left and go 0.7 miles. You will end up at a parking area where you park your vehicle. This is a trail head for hiking in to various indian writings, including Falling Man.

GPS location 36.511688° -114.185506°


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