COVID19 Notice

Aravada Springs Campground

Rules during COVID-19 lockdown.


Aravada Springs is located in Nevada and the Governor has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in order to slow the spread of this deadly virus.  We agree with the governor’s action, and we will be closed for as long as this order is in effect.


Anyone who has a reservation can get a full refund if they decide not to come down, and we would encourage people to stay at home as the government is now recommending.


However, Aravada Springs will allow selected people and small groups to camp during this time under the following conditions.

  1. There will not be a campground host at the ranch, so you will need to be self-sufficient. This includes the following:
    • The bathrooms, and kitchen will not be available, and the lodge will not be cleaned.
    • If the power or hot water goes out, we will not be able to fix it.
    • You will need to bring all of your supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, cookware etc.
  2. The only services that will be available are water connections and a sewer dump out.
  3. We will only allow a single small group at any time.
  4. The ranch manager will be at Aravada springs, but his safety is paramount to me, if you see him you need to stay at least 20 feet away from him and his family.


This is a difficult time for our country and our people, I have thought long and hard about whether to allow anyone to go to the ranch, I have had pneumonia since Feb 20th, and have not been out of my house except for the 2 times I was admitted to the hospital, and I know how stir crazy you can get staying at home. So, I have decided to allow small groups at Aravada Springs under these conditions.


Please respond to this email letting me know that you have read and understand these rules.