Not to be confused with the Garden of Eden Slot Canyon, this place is simply called The Garden of Eden by the locals. It's a dirt road about a mile and a half ride off the beaten path. Enjoy a scenic jaunt through cedar trees and red rock wonders on a very sandy road. Recommended as well worth exploring!

Directions from Aravada Springs

The Garden of Eden is 10.2 miles, or 40 minutes from Aravada Springs. To get
there, you head northwest on Pakoon Springs Rd for 0.4 miles. Then turn right

and continue straight for another 0.7 miles. Continue on County Rd 101 for
another 5.6 miles then turn left onto Lime Kiln Canyon Rd and go another 0.7

GPS Location 36°36'56.15"N 113°58' 6.10"W

We’ve GPS mapped some of the amazing sites you can visit from the ranch. We used Gaia (which is a $15 app), but if you visit Gaia links to the right of the pictures you can download the GPS files and use them with any GPS app of your liking.