Crazy Eddie Boulders

Though the local folklore of this place is fascinating, what we do know is that when the BLM acquired this land they bulldozed down any cabins and structures relating to the miner, "Crazy Eddie" Bounsall. The huge unique boulders found here are a sight to see.

Mining Ventures

"Crazy Eddie" Bounsall is documented as a solitary prospector, often venturing deep into the wilderness in search of gold deposits. Reports suggest that Bounsall employed unorthodox mining techniques, sometimes disregarding conventional wisdom in favor of his instincts. Despite his eccentricities, Bounsall was known to have discovered several lucrative gold veins, earning him a reputation as a successful miner.

Local Folklore

Over time, Bounsall's exploits became the subject of local folklore, with tales of his daring escapades and larger-than-life personality. Some accounts describe Bounsall as eccentric, bordering on madness, while others attribute his behavior to his deep connection with the wilderness. Even decades after his time, the legend of "Crazy Eddie" Bounsall continues to fascinate historians and locals alike, adding to the rich tapestry of Gold Butte's history.

Historical Records

While primary sources regarding Bounsall's life may be scarce, mentions of his activities can be found in mining records, newspaper articles, and oral histories from the region. Further investigation into local archives, historical societies, and mining records may yield additional insights into Bounsall's life and contributions to the gold mining industry.


"Crazy Eddie" Bounsall stands as a figure of intrigue and fascination in the annals of Gold Butte's history. Through continued historical research and exploration, we can strive to uncover more about this enigmatic individual and the mark he left on the landscape of Gold Butte.

Directions from Aravada Springs

Crazy Eddie boulders is 29.1 miles from Aravada Springs. To get there, you head northwest on Pakoon Springs Rd toward Whitney Pass Rd for 0.4 miles. Continue onto Whitney Pass Rd for 5.1 miles. Then take a sharp left onto Gold Butte Rd for 15.4 miles. Continue onto New Gold Butte Rd for 4.3 miles. Continue straight for 0.4 miles, then turn left onto Gold Butte Townsite Rd and go 233 feet. Turn right 0.4 miles. Turn right 36 feet. Take a slight right 39 feet. Turn left 3.0 miles.

GPS location: 36° 15.090201' N 114° 10.2039947' W


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