Take the road less traveled

Are you ready for an ATV adventure? Aravada Springs offers access to more than 1000 miles of desert roads and ATV-friendly trails that wind through the rugged, unparalleled beauty of the Gold Butte and the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monuments. Enjoy the breeze in your face as you explore the amazing rock formations of Little Finland, find the remains of the Gold Butte Mine, visiting the amazing ice caves, or set out to find your own destination.  We do not rent ATV’s from the ranch, but you can pick some up at the Polaris dealership in town.  Tell them we sent you.

Go on a day hike

Experience the rugged beauty of the area by hiking  and rock climbing in Little Finland, Whitney Pockets, Billy Goat Peak, and more—with a variety of terrain to match virtually all ages and abilities. Beginners and younger hikers will enjoy numerous short trails and opportunities for rock scrambling, while more advanced hikers can seek out more challenging topography. Explore slot canyons, caves, and rock towers—or ponder the meaning of the petroglyphs left behind by the area’s ancient inhabitants.

Cool off in our freshwater pond

What better way could there be to cool down after an adventure than by taking a quick dip in the pond, trying your skill on our rope swing, or just sitting by the pond and reading a good book? With a spring-fed pond surrounded by shady willow and cottonwood trees, the ranch is an oasis where you can unwind, enjoy nature, or add some excitement with a ride down our waterslide.

Enjoy stargazing our clear western skies

Far from sources of light and air pollution, our desert environment, remote location, and higher altitude combine to create near-perfect stargazing conditions. Depending on the timing of your visit, you’ll be treated to exceptional views of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere—including a host of stars and objects that are simply not visible in the light of urban and suburban areas. Experience the Milky Way stretching across the desert sky, count shooting stars, or use our 10-inch reflecting telescope to view distant planets, stars, and nebulas.

Activities Around the Camp

  • Archery Range
  • Volleyball
  • Horseshoes